How to Stop Squirrels Raiding Your Bird Feeders

Squirrels are cute, harmless looking little critters. However, if you have spent time and money attracting wild birds into your backyard, they are enemy number one. As a famous general once said “know your enemy” before going into battle.

As well as being cute, squirrels are resourceful, intelligent and really persistent. They can jump long distances and are amazing climbers. squirrels have been recorded trying different tactics to break into bird feeders and only stopping when they’ve found one that works.

Many people fall into the trap thinking cute equals stupid, but as far as squirrels are concerned, it just isn’t true.

Here are 3 great tips to help you win the battle of the bird feeders.

1 – Choose your terrain carefully.

If you place bird feeders close to the ground, near a large branch, just under a rooftop or close to a fence. Your bird feeders will be under constant attack. Be mindful of what we talked about earlier, remember we said how good they are at jumping and climbing.

Hanging a bird feeder close to a solid structure, gives squirrels a base to jump from and a landing platform for the return trip. Place your bird feeder on top of a well placed pole at least 6 feet away from anything that the squirrel can jump from.

2 – Call in Special Forces

OK you don’t really need a team of Rangers to protect your bird feeders but we can use a piece of their equipment to make an effective squirrel deterrent. Parachute cord! Yes, para cord is immensely strong and can be unwound into single strands of cord.

These individual cords are strong enough to take the weight of a hanging bird feeder. Using parachute cord has two advantages, firstly as it’s so strong and thin, it discourages squirrels from climbing because they find it difficult to get a good grip on something so small.

The other great advantage is that your feeders appear to be hanging by magic because the from a distance a single strand of para cord looks almost invisible.

3 – Go Hi Tech.

One of the most successful anti squirrel methods is to use a specially designed “squirrel proof bird feeder” that is equipped with a small electronic motor. The motor is activated when the feeder senses the weight of a squirrel on the perch or feeding station.

Once activated the motor spins the perch, fast enough to dislodge even the most determined squirrel and toss him harmlessly to the ground. The added benefit here is the fun you will have watch the squirrels trying to hang on to the feeder whilst being spun in circles.

Now you’ve read this article you are better equipped to tackle the backyard bird watcher’s uninvited guest. There is another way to deter squirrels from raiding your bird feeders. Why not make peace with him and provide a ground level distraction such as food squirrels enjoy in a specially made squirrel feeder.

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