Ways For Teachers to Make More Money

I am a teacher that loves teaching. Unfortunately, I can’t quite make ends meet with my current salary. I just know that there are ways for teachers to make more money that won’t interfere with a normal life.

The current economy is making it worse. While teacher’s salaries have improved over the years, the average public school teacher is still under-compensated for the amount of work done. In the last couple of months, we have learned in our district that we will receive a pay cut this year, our health insurance premiums have risen, and our benefits have decreased. We are not alone. This is a nationwide trend. To make things worse, I am a music teacher, and we are starting to see cutbacks in music programs throughout the country.

What should a teacher do that loves his profession, but can’t quite make ends meet with the salary earned? There are really only a few possibilities. You can decrease expenses, make more money, or do both. I have friends that teach and work second jobs. Some teachers are taking summer jobs, and some are working second jobs all year long. This takes a huge toll on them, their families, and ultimately harms their job performance at school.

My wife and I both teach, and we have a significant amount of debt. As a result, we have both been working to find ways to bring more money home. We have tried the direct sales route, such as kitchen implements and cosmetics, and while they have brought in some money, they are not ways that will bring in enough money to take care of the problem.

In the past few months, I’ve realized that online jobs might just be the best opportunity available to people today to supplement their income. Online jobs let you work at your own pace whenever you wish. There are several ways for teachers to make more money online.

Be careful. There are a lot of scams out there…especially online. As a teacher, I have developed a pretty good “lie detector”. Be very careful where you spend your money and “trust your gut”. I’ve looked at the “paid surveys” market, but to be honest, it seems like people just aren’t really making money with surveys. Some people do, but it’s rare. Usually, you start a survey, but after a few questions, you are told that you don’t quality for that survey. You can blog for money, but very few blogs make much money by themselves, unless they have a lot of traffic.

Several months ago, I stumbled upon what I believe is the best way today for teachers to supplement their income, and it is fairly recession-proof. It’s affiliate marketing. This is a job that’s been making people a lot of money for quite a few years, but not many people know about it. I had never heard about it. Basically, you are getting paid to refer customers to merchants. When they purchase from a merchant, you earn a commission. Sometimes, it’s only 4% to 6%. Sometimes, it’s as much as 75%. It involves publishing articles like this one and setting up websites, in addition to many other methods.

A few months ago, I would not have believed that I could do that, but I now have several websites and quite a few articles posted online. The really cool thing about internet marketing is that it is never closed. It’s really fun to wake up and see that you earned money while you slept.

It’s also something that is perfectly suited to school teachers. Teachers usually write reasonably well, and once you learn how affiliate marketing works, that’s half the battle. Also, teachers are usually good at persuading people. That’s a very useful skill in marketing. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you need to make thousands of dollars in a month or two, it’s probably not going to happen at first. That takes awhile to earn money that rapidly. If you are willing to put in some time learning how it all works, knowing that it should pay off a few months down the road, then this is for you.

The best part is that is is relatively inexpensive to start. The key is joining a good affiliate marketing training program, and I have found a great one. You can’t afford to wait, and the summer is the best time to learn how to do it. My website has a lot more information.